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Reiki, Spirituality and how to start the Real Revolution

Ever since I first started practicing Reiki, I have always thought it’s so incredible, everyone should use it, or at least know more about it. It doesn’t really matter what your religious beliefs are, or what you do in your life. Reiki, amongst many things, is a great way to fight stress by helping us to find those moments of peace, tranquillity and relaxation that at the end of the day we’re so eager to find.

Using Reiki, we start a journey of spiritual realization, moving forward in our understanding of reality. We start to sense and channel energies, the likes of which we didn’t even know existed before.

What’s more is that to start to practice Reiki is really, really simple!!!

All you have to do is attend a workshop with a Reiki Master, receive an Attunement (the process used to pass the ability to channel Reiki from Master to Student) and you can start to use this amazing Energy for the rest of your life.

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So why is something so powerful and yet so very simple, so easy to learn, that could possibly benefit thousand of people, not so commonly used nor well known about by the general public?

The only two possible answers I can come up with are:

1-There’s a lot of confusion and judgement about what it means to be a spiritual person and the majority of people tend to distance themselves from things we don’t understand or have made assumptions about.

I think we can be quite practical about this:

Being spiritual for me, is not just about long hours of meditation, lighting incense or wearing crystals. I personally do these things and there’s nothing wrong with it. But that’s not what being spiritual is all about.

Being spiritual is about being aware, present, and not getting attached to anything. Its about trying to learn from what we deem to be negative and always trying to see what the lesson is from a situation or experience. You can be a spiritual person when you get lost admiring the colours of a sunset on the beach, or dancing to trance music with your friends in the middle of the forest.

What kind of food you eat, what kind of exercise you and what you do with your time are all part of being spiritual.

There’s a wealth of people in the world, being spiritual, without actually being aware of it.

2-The prices for a Reiki Treatment or for a Reiki Workshop (doesn’t matter which level) are generally really high.

It is true that Mikao Usui (founder of The System of Reiki) amongst many things was a business man, and was MAKING A LIVING from his clinic, healing people and teaching others his technique.

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So it is understandable the need to pay for a treatment or a course but not being over charged for something always described as an incredible gift.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my Reiki courses and workshops, and I can honestly say the money was very really well invested and well worth every penny.

It is fascinating though that all you need to do to practice Reiki is be attuned (or re-tuned) to Reiki, attend a short course (1 to 3 days depending on the level) and the potential to feel and channel this energy will never wear off.

Making Reiki more accessible to people coming from all walks of life, and spreading its use, are the reasons why I started my Reiki school/practice.

To give treatments and make workshops at more affordable prices, I founded Reiki Vibes, taking a studio in an autonomous centre.

It may sound a bit atypical as a place to study or practice Reiki at first, but without compromising on the standards required, I was able to treat and teach Reiki to people that otherwise would never have known about it nor had the opportunity to learn about it.

The impact Reiki and Spirituality would have, if more and more people start to practice them, is boundless and unimaginable.

We live in a period of great distress and uncertainty, constantly in fear of losing that small corner of tranquillity we have created for us. We tend to live our life in constant conflict, often completely detached from ourselves, not realizing that the situations we see around us are just a projection of this state of inner conflict.

Although most of us are calling for a revolution, many tend to forget (or do not yet fully appreciate) that the first change needs to happen inside each one of us.

Someone said ” Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Reiki Vibes is about supporting that first change, in as many people as possible, through the use and discovery of this amazing self realization and healing art.

“In the very action of the individual changing, surely, the collective will also change. They are not two separate things opposed to each other, the individual and the collective, though certain political groups try to separate the two and to force the individual to conform to the so-called collective. I think most of us realize the urgency of an inward revolution, which alone can bring about a radical transformation of the outer, of society.”  J. Krishnamurti

“Don’t try to change the world. First, change yourself or rather, your self-perception, and you find the world automatically corresponding to the level of your understanding”   Mooji

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