Reiki & Animals

“Animals are inherently ‘more aware of’ and ‘understanding of’ energy. They have used it historically to determine if strangers are friends or foe, and many appear to be very accepting of this calm energy. Reiki is not a magical cure and it is not an alternative to orthodox veterinary care. But it is a natural, calm therapy that promotes the body’s natural process of self healing, and is enjoyed by many animals”  (UK Reiki Federation)

Extract from My Journey with Reiki

All animals, domestic or wild, are sensitive to Reiki healing.

They take the energy they need to heal, relax, and in no case we can cause pain or discomfort while working with Reiki. Always remember that the animal is the healer, and the person is just the channel for the healing energy. Healing is not from you, but trough you.

Reiki healing can be used alongside veterinary treatments, to help speed up the healing process and ease any pain the animal is suffering. Reiki  can also be used when an animal is dying, for its calming effect and to prepare them for their transition to the spirit realm.

Simple Guidelines

Giving Reiki to our pets can be an amazing experience. Although is generally safe, is always better to follow some simple guidelines:

  • Begin by “asking permission”. Set up the intention that you are there to facilitate the healing process of the animal, for as long as they are willing to receive it.
  • Do not start a treatment with hands on. Always allow the animal to be the one to initiate contact.
  • Animals appreciate an open and passive approach. Your body language should match this passive intention (ex: don’t hold eye contact, don’t assume a dominant body position).
  • Allow the animal to move freely in the treatment space.
  • Let go of any expectations about how an animal should behave during a treatment.
  • A general treatment consist in a mixture of hands on treatment, short distance Reiki as well as short period of movement and relaxation.
  •  When you finish always thank the animal for participating in the treatment.


Reiki&Animals Techniques

In the treatments of any animals, you can adapt the techniques and standard hands position you find in Reiki 1&2, as basic ideas of anatomy and energetic field are similar

Using the Connection Symbol, as for persons, we can treat any trauma the animal may have suffered in the past.

When you are working with animals you are not familiar with, start Beaming Reiki to connect with them from a safe distance.

Hands off treatments can be particularly good for animals that are feeling in pain or distressed. Try to use Gyoshi Ho and/or Koki Ho to gain them trust and start the healing process

If you know the animal, after you create an energetic connection, you can start with a full hands on treatment. Keep in mind that after a period of 10 to 15 minutes they will let you know that is enough. Animals are not generally subjected to the same amount of stress as human are, they don’t need long Reiki session

During this course you will learn all the techniques mentioned in this article.


  • Promotes healing following illness or surgery: Reiki provides pain relief and relaxation. It can alleviate the side effects of medications, antibiotics or pain-killers.
  • Enhances well-being:Even healthy animals can occasionally go through physical, emotional and mental imbalances. If left untreated, they can manifest as illnesses. With a Reiki treatment we help maintain the animal’s natural state of balance.
  • Helps with behavior issues: Stress or past traumas are the cause of many behavior issues. Reiki has a deep relaxing effect that can make the animal more receptive to training. The gentle touch and flow of energy can help restore trust in animals that associate touch with being abused.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Reiki helps restoring the natural flow of energy, improving the animal’s own self healing functions.
  • Increase trust and bonding: Using Reiki, you can create a deeper energetic connection with your pet. This connection will greatly improve the bond already existing


Check out this video about how to use Reiki with your pet. Follow  this link to know more about Reiki Courses&Treatments in London.




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