Reiki Healing

Understanding Reiki

In the last years, many books have been written about

Reiki Healing and how it works.

Since the death of its founder Mikao Usui, different styles and techniques were created from the original system.

This kind of Energy Healing can appear somewhat curious and inexplicable to the newcomer. On the contrary, Reiki is a powerful, but really simple technique.

By definition, Reiki is a form of spiritual practice and deep relaxation technique, with important healing properties; promoted for the treatments of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.

One of the basic concepts underlying modern science, is that everything is made up of energy, moving and vibrating at different speed. The body has an energy field of its own, that is central to its proper functioning and health.

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What happens during a Reiki session is a simple, non-invasive procedure; with Reiki Energy flowing from the practitioner’s hands, focusing on healing, and giving Reiki Energy to specific areas on the receiver’s body.

This Energy travels in certain pathways that can become blocked or weakened, mining the body’s immune system, and general health. The flow of Reiki Energy restore balance within our whole system, increasing the supply of life force energy, helping us heal quickly. It promotes relaxation, reduce stress, and the body’s own healing mechanisms begin to function more effectively.

After experiencing the benefits of a Reiki Session, is possible you feel the pull to learn Reiki yourself. As well as being an amazing treatment to offer to others, Reiki is a powerful practice for self development and personal transformation.

You don’t need any particular background or any previous experience to become a Reiki Healer. The ability to channel Reiki can just be passed from a Reiki Master to a Reiki Student trough a process called Attunement, and the possibility to use and feel this energy will never wear off.

Reiki Healing or simply Reiki, is a great tool to improve our lives. With the use of this simple but effective technique, we start to take full responsibility for our general health and balance, moving towards our spiritual realization. Using Reiki, we feel as much connected to ourselves, and everything around us, as never before.

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