From Reiki To Conscious Revolution

How to change our reality

Reiki is a powerful tool we can use in the discovery of our true nature. And once we understand our true nature, as energy beings able to influence the reality around us, we can start a conscious revolution, and change the world for the better.

Why there is still poverty, social injustice, fear dominated propaganda and corruption? Why we cannot respect each other and all our differences? Why seems impossible to change the way things are going?

Believe it or not, we cannot change our reality, if we don’t understand how our reality works in the first place.

Everything in our universe is made up of energy. Humans and animals as much as plants and trees. Solid Matter as much as your own thoughts, are all made up of energy vibrating at different wavelengths and speeds.

Different planes of existence

Always remember, we are made up of energy.

Even if we may not realize it, we exist in different planes at the same time. Let’s just take two of these planes in consideration. The Physical plane, where we witness the visible reality of space and time and experience the physical world.

And the spiritual plane. Where form does not exist in its general sense and we live in a constant sense of connection to all that is in existence. Here we reconnect with our higher self, we experience oneness and our true nature as energy being.

It’s really important to understand that these two planes are interconnected and influence each other all the time.  

Whatever happens in our life, it’s just a projection of what is going on inside of us. Energy is non-judgmental and doesn’t make any distinction between positive and negative. It just responds directly to our thoughts and emotions 

Creating our collective reality

Our thoughts and emotions, happening on a non physical level, affect and bring changes directly on the life we are living. Every negative situation you live in your life for example, will make you feel frustrated or stressed. This mental state will bring a change on the physical level, lowering your immune system and making you feel weak. Most of the time, our illnesses are just a physical manifestation of what is going on inside of us.

And when we are in this lower state, everything happening in our life will be just a reflection of this situation. Like the ripple effect, the more people are living their life in this lower frequencies, the more our life will represent this collective state.

We can change our reality, by changing our thoughts and emotions, by changing the way we react to certain situations, by recognizing what it is we are doing wrong in the first place, and changing who we are, becoming the best version of our self.

Feeling The Energy

If everything is energy, if everything is connected, is there a way to feel it?

When we work with Reiki, we start to understand energy in a more practical way. Even if you are knew to Reiki, and you go for a treatment or a course, with no previous experience, you will feel the energy and the amazing effects it can have on your mind and body.

When we do a particular kind of meditation, or when we send a distance healing, we start to feel and sense these energies, and the connection that comes with it, we start to understand we are these energies.

With Reiki, we move along our spiritual journey, understanding on a deeper level our true nature, and the reality around us. We start to look inside our self with less judgement, ready to recognize our faults, and to make an effort to improve day after day. To have the courage to look inside of yourself, and change something if you think this is the case, is the first and most difficult step to take.

Reiki & Conscious Revolution

You see, on one hand Reiki help us in feeling this energy, and how everything is connected in a more practical way. On the other, it guides us on a path of self healing and spiritual growth. A spiritual growth that needs to happen on a massive scale if we really are serious about bringing a true positive change.

Without this spiritual growth, without a deep understanding of how everything is interconnected and part of the same living organism, no significant change will ever take place.

“Do you want to start a real Revolution? Realize your dreams. start to manifest the life you always dreamed about. Take back your true power as co-creator of our reality. Work on yourself, on your perception and the way you see everything that happens around you.

Change your thoughts and emotions, and you will change the world”. Full article

Extract from Reiki Made Easy “From Reiki to Conscious revolution”

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