Reiki 2 Level

This course will further enhance your ability to work with the Reiki energy. The introduction to the Reiki symbols will intensify the power of your healing experience, and will give you the ability to send distant treatment to situations and people not physically present next to you. Some of the topics will cover:

– Reiki level II Attunement and Placement

– Reiki Symbols and how to use them

– Distant healing

– Meditation and chanting

– How to give a professional treatment

– Advanced Japanese techniques

– How to balance your Chakras

– Reiki&The Law of Attraction

– How to start your own Reiki practice

During the course you will receive a detailed manual and an internationally recognized certificate. You will be able to work as a professional Reiki practitioner and open your own Reiki practice


Price £120

Individual tuition is available or a maximum of 2 persons per course, to ensure a more relaxed and personal experience

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